a little about me

photography has granted me the life-long wish for a sense of belonging. i tend to be a bit on the loner side of the world and like it. solitude is like a drug for me. but like all drugs, they are not good for you when misused.

through film photography i have found a way to express myself, emotionally and physically. when i look back at my pictures i remember the energy of the moment i was trying to capture in that shot. it can be elating. it uplifts me and makes me feel so much joy. i feel connected to something bigger than myself when i am out shooting pictures.

i am of Metis, Cree and Romanian Ancestry. i am deeply spiritual but not religious. i do not follow any particular practise of Belief. I Believe in Everything.

i shoot on a Pentax SP 500 and a Polaroid Land 100 Instant camera as well as a few other film cameras. i do all editing in-camera and have no idea how to use digital editing software. i have no desire to learn to digitally manipulate my film images. i work incredibly hard to teach myself how to get the shots i create and feel intensely protective of my effort and work. for me, this is part of the process of healing my trauma. the effort makes me think about what i am doing and how i am doing it and ultimately, about the affect on my emotions and recovery, in the end. 

film photography is the thing that gets me going. though i have been shooting pictures for as long as i can remember, i consider myself a self-taught, beginner photographer. film photography is my craft. my art. my main thing that i do. which gets me excited and terrified all at once.

i do not see complex post traumatic stress as a disorder but as an injury. i am interested in the neurological studies that are happening regarding brain development and repeated traumatic injuries during the developmental stages of human growth.

i hope to show you, (through my stories and photographs) ways i see in the world, as someone who lives with complex post traumatic stress and is in recovery. say hello if you see my Trusty Side-Kick, Leo the Girl Shihtzu and me, out shooting on the streets!


for sales and other inquiries, please contact me through the contact form of this website.

with gratitude,

princess shredder