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By: princessshredder | 22 Apr 2017

my avoidance of using my computer to write has turned into a habit of writing by hand 99% of the time. so i have some work to do to get back into the habit of transferring my hand writing onto the machine that i have grown to fear. intensely fear.


i did a few hours of writing this evening. just over two thousand words. i was going to post those words but will wait because they are the continuation of my “You make me feel like dancing” post from a while back. and if i post that as it is now, it will be missing too much context. and i don’t want to neglect the need for context!

healing from over exposure to electro magnetic frequencies and radiation is not easy. i am tired all the time and don’t even feel like taking pictures. which pisses me off. because i love walking for hours on end and taking pictures in what has been saving my life these past few years of tragedy and pain that has been trying to get me down in life.

so, i went camping and plan on going again as soon as i possibly can. it is a bit of a trek that is too much for me to do on my own, so i am recruiting folks that i love and feel safe enough to do something as intimate as camping at sacred hot springs together.

i love sleeping in my tent and had an owl totem next to mine up there in those mighty woods.

so this is mostly a lame post and starting at number 1 again because i forgot to write yesterday.


but i have decided i am not going to beat myself up over things that aren’t super important.

thank you for your time.


princess shredder

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