messages (shortlisted for Briar Patch Writing in The Margins, 2019)

By: princessshredder | 27 Mar 2019








we see them everywhere, in everything


what do they mean?





are they questions or answers?



 do they shine light in the darkness?




are they clear or uncertain?



do they expose your uncertainty and despair?



do they provide some guidance or direction?



or show how you are welcome and needed?



Messages and signs of Hope, Love and Despair are everywhere. As a person with complex ptsd, film photography is a major tool for my healing. The images you are seeing are a reflection of the viewpoint of a person in active recovery from childhood developmental injuries. These images empower my search for proof of my right to exist. Through the creation of these analogue photos from start to finish, I find new ways to see into the depths and complexity of my Métis/Cree/Romanian Identity, and create inner peace and belonging, even when there is chaos.

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