a little about me

through film photography i have found a tool to express myself, emotionally, physically and visually-without having to have words to explain what i might be feeling. through film photography, i feel connected to something bigger than myself when i am out shooting pictures. when i am not shooting pictures, i am writing short stories and working on my first book. i am also a published, emerging author.

i am a Two Spirit person of Metis, Cree and Romanian Ancestry who is in active recovery from complex post traumatic stress. i am deeply spiritual but not religious. i do not follow any particular practise of Belief. I Believe in Everything.

i do not see complex post traumatic stress as a disorder but as persistent repeated  injuries. 

in January 2015, after many years of hard emotional work, i finally found myself beginning to fully understand and experience what complex post traumatic stress is for me, personally. it was then that i began to see life through a wider, more empowered lens. and it was at that time, when i fully realized the scope of exciting work ahead of me. 

i am no longer going to hide my perspectives on the injustices i have experienced. it no longer serves me to suppress the upset i feel over the things that were done that were not only unjust, but also ruthless and devoid of love or compassion. my soul has no more room for worrying about people being angry with me for speaking my truth to how i have experienced my life.

i am the one who has lived it.

i feel ready now to talk about my darkness and allow myself to shine my Light. because now, i can do it from a place of legitimate gratitude for the life experience that i choose to live today, to make me a better person. 

my favourite subject to shoot on film is street art and graffiti because of its impermanence and rawness. i like to put my own unique visual spin on an art that can vanish just as quickly as it appears. like complex ptsd, graffiti art is on unstable ground. it needs attention and protection. in a sense, that is what i give this art form by shooting film pictures of it; a permanent home, so to speak.  i am eternally grateful to street artists for the work they unknowingly do that helps me heal.

if you are interested in collaborating or would like to buy any of my images, please contact me through the contact form of this site.

thank you for being a witness to my journey.

with gratitude,

princess shredder