Mother, Children, Grand Child. I never thought I’d see this day!

In June of this year, I was reunited with my Son. After 30 long years, I finally got to hug him and look into his eyes and hear his voice and shower him in my Love. I also got to be with my Daughter for her wedding AND I got to meet for the very first time, my precious GrandChild! 

There has been a lot for me to process and contemplate and I won’t get into it here, right now. I just wanted to share this amazing photo of me with my kids and my grandkid! My Grandson calls me Kokum. That is Grandmother in Cree. It comes out of his mouth naturally and it feels natural for me to hear it. I wasn’t sure how it would all feel.

I can tell you now, IT FEELS AMAZING.

I am never letting anything or anyone get in the way of this union between all of us, ever again.