By: princessshredder | 29 Jan 2019

Disclaimer: I have to write this fast or I won’t write it at all. This is predominantly a stream of consciousness. there will be mistakes….

There is Only Love

By: princessshredder | 20 Jan 2019

Let me make myself clear as the clearest crystal, beaming with energy of Truth and Love. The anger I am finally allowing myself to feel…

My Son

By: princessshredder | 8 Nov 2018

My Son, my only Son you are 30 years old today. I remember like it was yesterday, the day you were born. I was alone in the…

state of emergency

By: princessshredder | 14 Aug 2018

  The air is thick weight on our lungs. A gold into silver sun, slices rays through our skin. Fires burning entire ecosystems, down. The…

our loss

By: princessshredder | 28 Jul 2018

you came from my body   slipped out like it was nothing to leave me   all 8 pounds 12 ounces of you   not…

you make me feel like dancing part two

By: princessshredder | 30 Jul 2017

  She was beautiful, tall strong, seemingly fearless and I had a crush like I had never had a crush on a girl before. My…

out of focus- stream of consciousness (1)

By: princessshredder | 19 Apr 2017

  to be honest, i don’t know what complex post traumatic stress is. wouldn’t it be different for everyone depending on their circumstance? all i…

here i am

By: princessshredder | 18 Apr 2017

thank you for bearing with me while i try to hold on, through what has been one of thee worst housing crises of my life….