My name is sharai mustatia aka princess shredder.

I am Métis, Cree & Romanian & was born into a life of trauma. During a trip to NYC in 2012, I realized my passion for film photography. What I also discovered was a powerful artistic tool in my recovery from complex post traumatic stress. Creating photographic art has given me a sense of belonging & connectedness in place of isolation.

The Process:

I am a strictly analogue photographer. All edits are in-camera. Meaning there is no digital manipulation used to create my works of film art. With experimental films & techniques, I create layers & meaning to evoke deep emotion through my images. There are messages, manipulation of colour & distortion of time & place. The viewer is getting a glimpse of what it can be like inside the mind of a person who lives with complex post traumatic stress.

The art of film photography helps me through some of life's moments of chaos. Once I click the shutter of my Pentax SP 500 or other film cameras, I feel like I can breathe deeper. The release of the shutter is a perfect analogy of my releasing stress - Which leads me closer to recovery.


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